So whats been happening..

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Keeping a blog is very difficult to update sometimes. So much planning goes into my shoots that I spend time planning shoots, shooting then post processing and then the circle begins again. Neglecting my blog isnt deliberate, its just time and being productive pre and post shoot makes the shoot far more creative and exciting when you have plans in mind rather than just shooting with a blank canvas. Nothing wrong with blank canvases, i just prefer them when im starting putting my ideas together once the date when the shoot is set or in some cases if I approach a model, im already bursting with ideas of what I want to shoot with them!

In the coming months, I will be putting a few helpful tips up to keep my blog fresh as I am often asked on twitter and via my website photography questions, how do I…what do I…

So, what has been happening, well heres a few images of what has been happening and new blog posts coming very soon. Also July and August are extremely busy shootwise, with some very exciting images coming soon!



_MG_36872 _MG_37892 _MG_39302 _MG_39823 _MG_50301A _MG_52192 _MG_32821A2 _MG_34322

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